The DASchild Foundation


DASchild Foundation has a three-pronged strategy to achieve its vision-mission-goals. They are:

  1. Fundraising through individual donations and various other activities.
  2. Partnering with existing organizations doing work in the prevention of human trafficking. A working group will be convened to inform and direct the work of DASchild Foundation.
  3. Direct implementation of projects where no existing initiatives are being done yet.

Initially, contributions to DASchild Foundation will be going to support the following organization:

Childlife (

Childlife (or “Baan Nana” in Thai) currently provides emergency and long-term shelter including education, medical care, food, and clothing for 140 children. It is strictly a grassroots organization, providing direct intervention for children at risk in Maesai, Northern Thailand at the border of Myanmar (Burma).

The organization was started in 1999 by Guljohn Jeamrum, a Thai citizen. After his one year, paid job by a non-profit in Maesai was over, Guljohn (or Khru Ngwoa) realized he couldn’t leave the poor, homeless children he had met and cared for. Knowing that they had crossed the Burmese border to escape poverty and political conflict, and were then recruited by gangs who would use them as child beggars, drug distributors, illegal underpaid workers, and child prostitutes, made it impossible. 

Search the web for more information on this issue.


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